Innovation and advanced manufacturing in healthcare, energy, telecommunication and nanomaterials


Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc., is a developer and manufacturer of innovative nanomaterials, acoustic devices, transducers, sensors and precision microphones used in a variety of health, entertainment, industrial, energy and scientific fields.

Innovators in Intravascular Imaging

3VUStm - 3rd Generation Intravascular Ultrasound -  is a new, catheter-based imaging technology designed to be used to detect and guide the treatment of blockages and other diseases of the heart and coronary arteries.  3VUS is being developed by a team of engineers and innovators who were responsible for the successful creation of the first practical, human-rated IVUS systems used today to study coronary blockages.  The experience and insight this group brings to intravascular imaging is unparalleled.

Broad-based Technology Laboratory

Soundwave Research operates a wider product development engineering and scientific investigations laboratory that is used for materials research, medical device design, transducer design and development, data collection and analysis, and competitive product testing.  The lab also supports manufacturing process development activities, designs and tests production tooling and fixturing, and conducts process qualifications.

Energy, Nanotechnology, and Commercialization

Our group has developed successful products that have generated substantial revenue, built brands and new technology opportuntities in sensors, sound recording devices, medical imaging systems, solar thermal nanomaterials, carbon nanotube structures, and more. 

Discovery and Innovation in Ashland, MA

Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc. is located in the West Suburban Boston area and is served via Logan Airport, Worcester Airport, and Providence Airport.