Innovation and advanced manufacturing in healthcare, energy, telecommunication and nanomaterials

The Lab

Focus on New Product Development and Commercialization

Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc. operates a product development, engineering, and scientific investigation laboratory used for materials research, device design, data collection and analysis, and for competitive product testing. "The lab" also supports our own manufacturing process development activities such as production tooling, fixturing, and process qualification.

Lab staff have diverse backgrounds in materials, analytical methods and algorithm development, electronics and RF engineering, ultrasound, acoustics, ballistics, physics and nanotechnology.

Advanced Nanomaterials Manufacturing

"Nano" isn't an empty buzzword any more. Our group invented, developed and commercialized several micro and nano scaled new technologies that have enabled new classes of products.  In conjunction with qualified large-scale manufacturers, Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc., has developed or introduced nano-enabled recording devices, medical imaging systems, and energy harvesting technology destined to transform the way we hear, see, and power the world around us.

Audio Transducer and Microphone Development

This includes new ribbon motor acoustics, advanced magnetic design, and test algorithm development. Some of this work is incorporated into the Crowley and Tripp ribbon microphone product line, now owned and commercialized by Shure, Inc., a leading manufacturer of microphone and sound products.

Transducers for IVUS

We routinely manufacture miniature transducers used for Intravascular Ultrasound in the ranges of 10 through 40 MHz.  Catheter and guidewire sized transducers are produced using proprietary methods and tooling that assure repeatability, high performance, and cost effectiveness.

Our group pioneered single element IVUS in the 1980s, and today continues to innovate using ever smaller, and better materials and acoustic transducer fabrication and characterization tools.

Manufacturing Process Development

In-depth experience with manufacturing metrics and documentation supports our own manufacturing facility, and can be used for limited production or pilot manufacturing of various devices for product and process validation, and to support device trials.

Materials Research

Polymeric, PVDF, nanotube, and other interesting plastics and composites that have desirable electrical and acoustic properties for a wide variety of applications in consumer products and medical devices.

Project Management

We have extensive knowledge and experience managing small to large multidisciplinary projects, with a focus on commitment and accountability. Our group has a long and proven track record of results, and we continue to innovate guided by strong business fundamentals.

Customer Collaboration

We work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met, and we will deliver the quality and repeatable performance that you expect.