Innovation and advanced manufacturing in healthcare, energy, telecommunication and nanomaterials


Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc, was founded in 2004 to manufacture and sell innovative acoustic devices for professional audio, studio recording, and scientific applications. We have years of experience in designing and building creative and successful products in the audio and medical acoustic device fields.

We believe that there will always be a demand for what is new and better, and that the right combination of technical expertise, artistic vision, dedication to excellence, and business ethics are ingredients for success.

Originality is important: We know from experience that design must be sound, and not copied, or merely derivative. The Crowley and Tripp studio ribbon microphones acquired by Shure, Inc., are examples of entirely new, market-changing designs that incorporate the finest materials with a sophisticated understanding of how sound interacts with acoustic transducers.

We are often in direct collaboration with you, so your success is our success. This is true for studio artists and engineers and for those who delve into ultrasound, as they have special requirements - - Hearing sounds within a damaged heart, using sound to see blocked arteries, even healing with ultrasound - - these are all related, and knowledge in medical ultrasonics, for example, has added to our ability to achieve the high performance goals we set for professional audio products.

Understanding scientific test results often requires somewhat more effort than just reviewing the list of the usual "specs" that are tailored for mass consumption. We go to that effort, and we are always willing to discuss them with you.

We take a broad approach to product quality: "Quality" means different things to different people, but to us it means that all aspects of the product, including how it is brought to the customer, must be no less than excellent. The materials and techniques we use must meet the same requirements for critical medical devices, and our responsiveness to your needs is what leads us to new products.